Entry list 2018

The entry list has been updated to include all entries received by Sunday 1 July.


The Catchment Ultra – 50km

First Name Last Name Gender Bus
Wendy Brenkley Female Yes
Dave Byrne Male Yes
Tony Field Male Yes
Michael Morrison Male Yes
Andrew Lucas Male Yes
Karl Woodhead Male Yes
Cailey Mills Female Yes
Jamie Gillies Male Yes
Kaiwae Scholes Male Yes
Emma Sutich Female Yes
Karen Phillips Female Yes
Rodney Sutton Male No
Alistair Carr Male Yes
Rohan Malhotra Male Yes
Trevor Collins Male Yes
Todd Woods Male Yes
Jamie White Male Yes
Scott Thompson Male Yes
Mark Morgan Male Yes
Maree Sandbrook Female Yes



The Tilt Renewables North Range Traverse – 25km

First Name Last Name Gender Bus
Lewis Marama Male Yes
Zavana Keenam Female No
Keith Millar Male Yes
David Moir Male Yes
Rob Freeman Male No
Helen Jones Female Yes
Steve Ackerman Male Yes
Glynis Childs Female Yes
Hayley Childs Female Yes
Harris Hamilton Male Yes
Hollie Hamilton Female Yes
Jane Warnock Female Yes
Terry Grant Male Yes
Amy Lauridsen Female Yes
Sue Pegrume Female Yes
Pip Parker Female Yes
Sheryl Bayliss Female Yes
Mark Hudson Male Yes
Robert Pearce Male Yes
Joanna Pearce Female Yes
Michelle Tomlin Female Yes
Kevin Palmer Male No
Frances Spite Female Yes
Tahlia Hopkins Female Yes
Melanie Macgregor Female Yes
Stephen Mills Male Yes
Kate Boyack Female Yes
Brendon Norling Male Yes
Nick Jessen Male No
Norman Van Greevenbroek Male Yes
Matt Burton Male Yes
Shar Hirst Female No
Jenny Davidson Female Yes
Tania Rosvall Female No
Chris Kerr Female Yes


The Tararua District Hall Block Humdinger – 12.5km

First Name Last Name Gender
Becs Keighley Female
Debbie Donald Female
Alex King Male
Quinten King Male
Rebecca Warnock Female
Tony Jury Male
Wendy Watts Female
Sue Mcghie Female
Deanne Corney Female
Allan Corney Male
Marian Anderson Female
Lisa Robinson Female
Kelly Roberts Female
Kirsty Hull Female
Kirsten Van Greevenbroek Female
Michael Foulston Male