The Trio


The 2017 North Range Trio offers three off-road events that cater to everyone’s needs. The popular Tilt Renewables North Range Traverse and Salming Hall Block Humdinger return with minor changes, providing distance options of 25km and 12.5km respectively, and this year there is also the exciting addition of the Manawatu’s first and only off-road ultra marathon, the brand new Love My Sport Catchment Ultra 50km.

cu_profile_sLove My Sport Catchment Ultra

Head into ultra territory with the all new Love My Sport Catchment Ultra, offering you everything from mud, to calf-deep river crossings to steep gullies to gravel roads with sweeping views over the region. The Love My Sport Catchment Ultra provides a unique opportunity to run along South Range Road – a road not accessible to the public at any other time of the year.



nrt_profile_sTilt Renewables North Range Traverse

Keen on going beyond the Half Marathon distance? Look no further than the Tilt Renewables North Range Traverse – a mostly downhill off-road run through the northern Tararua windfarms. The exposed vistas promise beautiful views, but also potential exposure to some challenging weather.




hbh_profile_sSalming Hall Block Humdinger

The shortest of the distances on offer, but don’t let that fool you. The run lives up to its name by challenging participants with a humdinger of an uphill for the first half, before you turn around and come screaming back down the hill to the finish.